Sunscreen 1982

Sunscreen 1982 posterPremiered at London’s Moonshine Community Art Workshop on 10th March 1982
Directed by Saviour Pirotta
Woman: Simone Zammit
Girl: Anna Beck





Sunscreen is basically a choreographed dialogue between a girl in pre-natal state and a woman behond the stage of death. It is a poem of conflict and pain. The girl in her womb can listen to everything her mother is doing and saying. She knows she has been conceived by mistake. She can listen to the quarrels between her parents, the beatings of her grandmother, the lovemaking of the string of lovers her mother has accepted into her bed even while she is still in the womb. The old woman can remember the pills, the alcohol, the beatings. She has seen much and now she knows that death is something to be welcomed with open arms.

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Review: Maltese youth theatre makes its political point

Programme: Sunscreen 1982