Ippermettili Nitlaq 2008

Ippermettili Nitlaq 2008 posterPremiered at St. James Centre of Creativity on 30th October 2008
Directed by Immanuel Mifsud
Graziella Camilleri: Sharon Bezzina
Dr. Alberta Borg: Monica Attard
Dr. Henry Vella: Malcolm Galea
Richard Camilleri: Strefan Cachia Zammit
Fiona Camilleri: Angele Galea
Johanna Spiteri: Liliana Portelli
Anthony Spiteri: Mikhail Basmadjian
Lippu Xiberras: Joe Cortis


Richard and Fiona, a happily married couple, have a long-awaited baby, Graziella. However, she suffers from an acute case of omphalocele, requiring her to undergo various operations if she is to survive. Even if successful, she will never live a normal, independent life. Neonatal surgeon Dr Alberta Borg has the expertise to operate her. Yet, as the nurse who cares for the baby asks, Is it worth it? Are the doctors saving the child’s life or condemning her to a life of suffering? Why do they want to do it, anyway?

Richard and Fiona, overwhelmed by the demands made on them by the baby’s condition, have to decide whether to operate her. And they slowly realise that they are facing a challenge they hadn’t expected – the baby is driving them apart. Engrossed as all these characters are in their personal motives and agendas, no one asks the big question that echoes throughout the play: What would Graziella herself want?

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Programme: Ippermettil Nitlaq 2008

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