Dwar Menopawsi

Dwar menopawsi, minorenni u muturi high speedDwar Menopawsi, Minorenni u Muturi High Speed
Publisher: klabb kotba maltin
ISBN: 978993273912
Year: 2012
Price: €5.00
No. Of Pages: 48
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The play is a snapshot of the forces unleashed by a Maltese couple’s reaction to middle age. Henry and Kate struggle against their ageing and bloated bodies as they strive for one last sip of the summer wine. For the embittered, depressed Henry, this comes in the intoxicating form of his son’s girlfriend, Fay. She promises to revive his masculine pride, battered as it has been by years stuck in a degrading job and in a loveless marriage. To make matters worse, his teenage son boasts of his sexual prowess at every turn. So electrified is he by the sexual passion she arouses in him that the line between reality and delusion blurs and Henry goes over the edge. His wife Kate, a guidance teacher, appears to be sensible and in control of her life. But it is merely a front. She has become invisible at home. But at her school, however, she is not allowed to fade into the background. Boys with all sorts of problems are beating down the staffroom door clamouring for her, especially Donald, who sees her as more than a mother figure. As her husband goes through every cliché in the midlife book and reason falters, Kate is sucked into a dangerous intimacy with the underage Donald.

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