Vinjetti mir-Repubblika 2003

Vinjetti mir-Repubblika 2003 posterPremiered at St James Cavalier Centre of Creativity on 13th December 2003
Directed by Mario Azzopardi
Cast includes
Marvic Gauci, Joanna Busuttil, Emma Vella, Diane Ciantar, Audrey Bonnici, Rachael Darmanin Demajo.




This play consists of a series of satirical scenes on Maltese life. Subjects include politicians, the police, those who manipulate religion, education, how the Maltese treat Arabs, the speculative media, traffic wardens, pro-Eu propagandists and others.

Vinjetti 2Vinjetti 3  Vinjetti 1Vinjetti 4

Review: Urge, stir and bring to volcanic boil

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Programme: Vinjetti mir-Repubblika 2003

Full playscript in Maltese: Vinjetti mir-Repubblika