L-Arrest ta’ Danny Weed

L-Arrest ta’ Danny Weed

Publisher: klabb kotba maltin

ISBN: 978-9918-0-0440-9

Year: 2023

Price: €10.00

No. Of Pages: 74



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Imagine sitting back with your morning coffee and a joint only to be interrupted by the cream of Malta’s anti-drug squad brandishing a pistol in your face. This is what happens to Scottish expatriate in Malta, Danny, in this hilarious new farce, Razor-sharp and action-packed, it offers slapstick and side-splitting laughter galore. It is also calls out police corruption and its enablers in the political class.

The ambitious Inspector and her veteran sergeant are convinced Danny is a drug lord and ferret through Danny’s flat in search of hard evidence. In the meantime, lovable police rookie Byron and Redent are ordered to hang on to Danny like limpets. Really, how can this mission fail?