La Logique u dramma ohra b’att wiehed

La Logique u dramma ohra b'att wiehedLa Logique u drammi ohra b’att wiehed
klabb kotba maltin
ISBN: 999327030X
Year: 2005
Price: €5.00
No. Of Pages: 42
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deals with two ex-lovers who meet on a bus-stop for the first time, several years after their little affair ended on the rocks.

LQUGĦ GĦAD-DAWL is a choreographed dialogue between a girl in pre-natal state and a woman beyond the stage of death. It is a poem that explores the conflict and pain of Life and Death.

LA LOGIQUE is a satirical monologue delivered by a professor of logic who turns out to be a politician suffering from a severe form of megalomania. He is not only avid for power and contemptuous of the weak people he controls, but he also yearns for immortality which he must achieve at all cost.

IL-ĠURNATA MQADDSA is about a bored and dissatisfied housewife’s preparations to go out and hopefully to cheat on her husband for the first time. We get a glimpse of how her married life which has disintegrated into a mere cohabitation. She hopes at least to be able to find sexual satisfaction in some one-night-stand, trusting her husband is too dumb to notice but we realize that her husband is not so dumb after all.

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