Gezzu 1982

Gezzu 1982Gezzu
Publisher: Alfred Buttigieg
Year: 1983
Price: €5.00
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One dark night Gezzu is born into an obscure and frightening world.  Gezzu is a spider.  He is unique.  He is born into an environment where instinct rules, where destiny decides the fate of creatures before they are born.  Yet Gezzu sees further than the other spiders, he dreams and fantasises.  He learns to read and delves into the basics of philosophy.  He is not even physically a ‘true’ spider.  He has only two eyes, and to aid his vision he is born, curiously enough, wearing a pair of spectacles, that timeless symbol of learnedness. This fable portrays the adventures of the spiderling from the moment of his birth up to his untimely end.  The creatures he meets, among them flies, ants, beetles, silverfish and gnats are all minute replicas of human aspirations and experiences.  Gezzu tries to create a new order and he almost succeeds but the hand of destiny is long and it ultimately catches up with him.  It is not an argument of logic, which defeats Gezzu, but an argument of procreation and survival.

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