La Logique, Lqugh ghad-Dawl 1985

La Logique, Lqugh ghad-Dawl 1985 posterProduced Ateatru Theatre at Tignè on 23rd March 1985
Lqugh Ghad-Dawl
Marianne Muscat
Tifla: Anna Beck
La Logique
Pino Scicluna




is a choreographed dialogue between a girl in pre-natal state and a woman beyond the stage of death. It is a poem that explores the conflict and pain of Life and Death.

LA LOGIQUE is a satirical monologue delivered by a professor of logic who turns out to be a politician suffering from a severe form of megalomania. He is not only avid for power and contemptuous of the weak people he controls, but he also yearns for immortality which he must achieve at all cost.

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Programme: La Logique, Lqugh ghad-dawl 1985

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