Dik il-Qtajra

Dik il-QtajraDik il-Qtajra
Publisher: Alfred Buttigieg
Year: 1983
Price: €5.00
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Have you ever tried to imagine what an unborn child would say if it could talk?  What would its feelings be like? It should not be too difficult to imagine that an unborn child feels, emotionally as well as physically.  Its main concern is with itself, its survival.  Selfishness assumes an obsessive character, and the next step from there is to accept the fact that most other emotions like gratitude and maternal love are attributable to adults and not to the child.

And we take off from here.  What if the child worried about being born?  What if the Oedipus complex was not just competition for the mother’s affection?  Worse, what if the child sought to break not only the accepted pattern of morality we have come to accept so easily ourselves, but the values and patterns of life itself.  The ideas in these extracts may be shocking.  But do not consider them obscene.  Selfishness to a foetus must be religion.  To the foetus, the first commandment is still; somehow, I am the Lord Thy God.

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