interrogazzjonaiPremiered in the living room of a private residence in Gharghur, Malta on 7th February 2020
Directed by Leigh Ann Abela

Stephanie: Angele Galea
Martina: Clare Agius





Can you truly love someone if you keep an important secret from them? Stephanie thinks not. But then, her girlfriend Martina argues, there is no secret, just Stephanie’s deluded suspiciousness.

This play examines the aftermath of a murder which caused a public outcry at the time and has left a very private scar. Spoilt, seductive, headstrong Martina has gone back to her career but quieter, more thoughtful Stephanie cannot let go. She needs answers on what happened one dark night some years ago. She needs to know more than the police themselves who have declared the case closed because of pressure from very high up the Maltese food chain.

The two lovers’ murky drives and desires find a steam-valve in a bizarre role-play as they pit themselves against each other, but also put themselves in each other’s shoes – quite literally, as Buttigieg plays around with perspective in a role-playing, role-switching game that borders on the erotic.

More widely, the play is an exploration of an establishment that is too ready to let the wealthy off the hook, a police force too easily manipulated by the elite, but above all, a personal drama on how the past poisons present love.

Interview l-interrogazzjoni Teodor Reljicclick to view pdf

Review Ramona Deparesclick to view pdf

Dangerous games – review: click to view pdf

Programme: L-Interrogazzjoni

  • Angele Galea playing Stephanie
  • Clare Agius and Angele Galea
  • Clare Agius playing Martina