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Maltimanija series consists of twenty one  32-page workbooks

Maltamanija kindergarten                               €2.50
Maltamanija 1 ezercizzji                                 €3.00
Maltamanija 1 l-alfabett                                  €3.00
Maltamanija 2 grammatika u ortografija         €3.00
Maltamanija 2 kitba u vokabularju                 €3.00
Maltamanija 3 grammatika u ortografija         €3.00
Maltamanija 3 kitba u vokabularju                 €3.00
Maltamanija 3 kitba kreattiva                         €2.50
Maltamanija 3 komprensjoni                          €2.50
Maltamanija 4 grammatika u ortografija         €3.00
Maltamanija 4 kitba u vokabularju                 €3.00
Maltamanija 4 kitba kreattiva                         €2.50
Maltamanija 4 komprensjoni                          €2.50
Maltamanija 5 grammatika u ortografija         €3.00
Maltamanija 5 kitba u vokabularju                 €3.00
Maltamanija 5 kitba kreattiva                         €2.50
Maltamanija 5 komprensjoni                          €2.50
Maltamanija 6 grammatika u ortografija         €3.00
Maltamanija 6 kitba u vokabularju                 €3.00
Maltamanija 6 kitba kreattiva                         €2.50
Maltamanija 6 komprensjoni                          €2.50

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The Maltimanija series of workbooks has become a household name for developing primary school children’s proficiency in the Maltese language and in helping them reach targets set by the national curriculum. The Maltimanija series consist of 21 workbooks catering for the different levels of primary education, ranging from kindergarten to Year six.

The core workbooks consist of 13 workbooks, one for kindergarten children which uses exciting funbook-type activities to develop the basic skills necessary at this level and two workbooks for Year 1 students, one focusing on letter formation while the second book uses the thematic approach to build up vocabulary. The first workbook in the year 2 to year 6 sets of two targets grammar and spelling points which are explained in a very simple and clear manner. The second workbook in these sets aims at widening vocabulary and enhancing writing skills.

Support material include Creative Writing  and Comprehension Workbooks from Year 3 to Year 6 levels. The creative writing workbooks are designed to enhance writing skills by introducing pupils to many different writing forms. The comprehension workbooks consists of stimulating fiction and non-fiction texts followed by practical and varied comprehension activities.

These 32-page workbooks makes the child more confident in working out tasks, thus promoting independent learning.

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maltimanija 1 l-alfabett extract

maltimanija 3 komprehensjoni extract

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